E-books were boring.
Not anymore.

Every e-book is now an adventure where you can read,
explore and share your discoveries with friends.

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The Features

Find the most relevant content based on contextual search results

Using Marmalades reading app, you can now click on any words to explore pictures, videos and articles, directly in your reader.

It was just a book, now it's everything.

The Demo

Gary the brown bear loves plants. So this is a plant.

The Team

Gary also love books. So here are some books.

Latest News

  • Quick Social Recap Of Creative Mornings With Jeff Lee

    The full 30 minutes #BRAVERY talk with Jeff Lee will be available soon on Creative Mornings.  Here is what some of the attendees were sharing this morning. Thanks for the support and the amazing organization of the Montreal chapter of …

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  • Jeff Lee Will Talk About Bravery At Creative Mornings In Montreal

    Creative Mornings is a worldwide event happening every month where each city’s chapter host a talk presentation on the same topic. November’s topic will be Bravery and of course, Jeff Lee our CMO went through a lot of interesting and …

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  • Native Apps VS Web Apps Panel at TP1 Agency

    Math O’Connor recently participated in a panel discussion at the TP1 Agency in Montréal. Funny thing is Marmalades is both a web and native app because some of the features such as our search algorithm is accessed in the cloud …

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  • One Last Cook Jesse

    This is it. We are official, we have a plaque! But why the Labs you ask? Because Marmalades is also a set of tools for publishers we will market as a B2B solution. You can learn more about this SAAS …

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  • Hello Alex Leclair

    This is Alex Leclair, a 21 year old developer who helps us fix bugs inside the reading app. The world first heard of Alex when he was about 14. He successfully hacked inside a digital agency website and pointed out …

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  • Gary Is Multi-tasking

    Gary submitted and Instagram video for the Vidéotron contest on Grosblogue.com to win an appearance in their upcoming ad. Here is the short video. If you’d also wish to enter this contest, subscribe here.

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  • Blog data in re-construction

    We’re retrieving our blog archive due to a server crash. It sucks. But more for us than for you. Just so many likes were lost. So many tweets in vain. Huge face palm.

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